Top 5 Palworld Mobile Games 2024 | Palworld Android Do

 Top 5 Palworld Mobile Games 2024 | Palworld Android Download

No 5
Dark and Light Mobile

Dark and Light Mobile is a sandbox game, featured with survival and magic. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game provides players with a seamless big world, in which there are diverse types of landforms and various kinds of fantasy creatures inhabiting.

Here you can freely build houses, tame magical creatures, do researches into magic technologies, shuttle between multiple servers and collaborate with other players or confront them. Enjoy the endless possibilities in this magical sandbox world!

Game Features

Tame magical creatures, Ride Wyverns and Griffins.
There are various kinds of magical creatures in game, ranging from the well-known Wyverns, Griffins and Unicorns to those mysterious and exotic ones. You can make hunting spears and grind anesthetic to catch any creature you see in the world. Regardless of the docile Moose and Sheep, or the wild Lava Tigers and Moon Tailed Beasts, they all can be tamed and become your partners or mounts.

Collect resources, Build your home.
In this vast and wild world, you can build and craft almost everything you want. Starting from a rough foundation, step by step, you will be able to construct more powerful buildings, from the magic guard towers defended by your dragons to the unbreakable strongholds. The world can be changed by your constructions.

Master magic technologies, Craft your weapons.
You can do researches on Knowledge to unlock blueprints. From facilities like Drying Shelf and Enchantment Table to weapons like Dagger and Ice wand, you can combine steel with magic technology to freely reform and assemble your weapons and armors. Use them in the combat against elite creatures and unknown enemies. Be the legend!

Multi-player cooperation, Cross-server team fight.
Cooperate with your friends or combat with others across the servers. Ride multi-passenger mounts like War Elephants to fight against the enemies together with your teammates. Build your team freely with diverse types of weapons, creatures and magic technology to win the battle!

Welcome to Gnarris, adventurers. This world of endless possibilities is waiting for your arrival!

No 4

Pal Monster Survival Game

Survive in the world with pals

Pal Monster : Survival Game : Explore, Catch, Get Pals and expand your world boundaries!

Step into the thrilling realm of our survival game, where danger lurks around every corner! Monsters can be either friends or enemies. Face off against menacing monsters that roam the expansive landscape, using your skills and wit to survive.

Unleash powerful weapons, unleash devastating spells, and join forces with others to form legendary hunting parties.

The choice is yours, but remember, survival is only guaranteed for the bravest!

A pal is more than just a friend; they are a person's ultimate companion. Their unwavering loyalty and support make them the most cherished confidant of all. They are in trouble and in process automatisations processes.

The bond between a pal and their person is unbreakable, until they are disposed, so betrayed. They share adventures, battles, challenges, and celebrate victories side by side, evolving with the owner. Be afraid your pal monster can become an enemy when you throw them from your house.

A Pal is a precious treasure, always ready to go the extra mile to make their person's dreams come true. They improve your character as they improves by themselves. Cherish your Pal, for they are not just a best friend but a soulmate. Take care of your soulmates.

Take the Pals into raids and fight with other monsters, or build you empire and evolve throw resources.

You can send Pals into battle, breed, evolve and assign them work on plantations and factories.They can also be sold, disassembled and eaten. Choose your strategy and try to catch the best Pals that fits your strategy. You are the master of these creatures. Collect as many as you can and try to evolve them. Train Pals in fights and gain more resources to build your base in this survival game.

Step up and rally your fallen comrade back to life, providing them with the necessary support to resume their duties. Some buddies specialize in warfare, while others excel in resource gathering and crafting essential items. Each craft has its unique recipe, although some rely on luck to succeed.

Embark on a thrilling exploration of the world, seeking out the items you require. Expand the boundaries of your realm, unearthing ideal locations for your homes. There is no permadeath you can easily save your progress. In your daily endeavors, you can always count on the assistance of reliable companions.

No 3
Utopia: Origin
When I woke up, I found that I was no longer stay in the familiar room, a world as beautiful as heaven greeted my eyes.
"Where am I?"
"Welcome to the Utopia land, the land of Beia," a voice said. "I am your guide, Xiaxia."
Looking up, a flying sprite was talking to us.
"You are the first adventurer to be recruited. Take this manual and start your adventures!"
No one could have imagined that mine adventure legends was about to begin.
❖ If You don't Build the House Well, You'll be Caught
Xiaxia Tips ①: There will be a little demon and skeleton soldier at night, and it is very dangerous if don’t have your own campfire and house!
"Let’s build our house today! There's wood and stone everywhere. Come on!"
No one ever did chopping, mining or carpentry, but it was as if we have been given the magic by the land, and everyone learned to master all sorts of skills. Wood and stone were transported to the worktable, crafted into boards and bricks, and a two-story building slowly formed with the sweat from everyone.
As night fell, a mysterious mist filled the air. As Xiaxia said, a group of small demons with green flames appeared in the mist, but the fire in front of their homes made them dare not go further. But survival is only the first step, more adventures are waiting for us! Hope we can build a big clan some day!
❖ The World is so Big, I Want to Explore it with You!
Xiaxia Tips ②: You can ride a dragon in this world, but first, tame a pony!
After the home was built, everyone can't wait to explore the world. In order to bring the wild horses back to clan, let’s prepare horse feed first. There was a faint smell of carrot and wheat balls baked with a soft fire, and several horses came to us, rubbed our hands and ate happily. Lightly on the back of the horse, let the sun shine on the shoulders, we planned to go to explore the wilderness tomorrow! Can’t wait to ride a dragon in the future!
❖ The Best Sights in Beia is that We Fight Side by Side!
Xiaxia tips ③: Treasure often accompanied by danger!
Mount and weapon are ready, and nothing can stop us from exploring.
It is said that in the islands, forests, deserts and snow-capped mountains, the treasure left by the creator gods is now guarded by monsters, dragons and Evils.
For about half a day north, a ruin was visible, and a troop of skeletons wandered through the wreckage, with a golden chest in the middle. The clash began, the seemingly vulnerable skeletons were so powerful unexpectedly. Finally we beat them, after opening the treasure chest, a gem appeared with its soft light, as if healing our wounds.
❖ Play in Your Way!
I have climbed the most remote ruins, sailed to the most romantic heart island, even cut off the teeth of the dragon, but I still need more friends, do things we enjoy together, do you want to come together?

No 2

Auroria: a playful journey

A space exploration simulation game like no other! Beta version out now!

Embark on a last interstellar journey to planet Auroria, and discover this sci-fi themed open-world life simulation game with unlimited building, creating and crafting features, as well as finding your own way to survive in the unknown but adventurous world! Roam the universe with new friends and alliances while defending your home from raiders and enemies.

▶ Discovery and exploration ◀

Enjoy rich and immersive gaming experience that allows you to discover and explore the wonders of the universe. Traversing the vast expanse of space in search of new worlds and civilizations, and get ready to land on the desired planet of your dreams where you can scan for resources, analyze over 10 different atmospheric conditions, and search for signs of life and intelligent beings. Encounter various challenges and obstacles such as gravitational fields, black holes, wormholes, and other cosmic phenomena that you must navigate and overcome.

▶ Craft, Create and Customize ◀

Express your creativity and individuality in a whole new world, and bring your imagination of a stressless life to a whole new level! Anything is possible in this paradise of your dreams, from interacting with items for crafting tools to developing blueprints for higher technologies; from farming crops and creating essential elements for a living to designing your own sweet stylish home; from forging unique weapons to survival to developing the infrastructures with bridges and roads. You are given the total freedom of realizing your own space on an untouched star. Show off your own creations and be an inspiration for others!

▶ Defend your new homeland ◀

Beware of the unknown dangers that accompany the fascinating appearance of newly discovered planets. These worlds are home to fierce and hostile alien creatures that can pose a serious threat to your survival. To stay alive, you must equip yourself with weapons, battle suits, and protective covers that will help you withstand the hazardous environment. Remember to stay alert and never let your guard down, as danger lurks around every corner. Engage in combat against these creatures and fight for your survival, as the fate of your mission and crew depend on it.


Network connection is required.

Auroria: a playful journey is free to download and play. Some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.

By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.

Privacy Policy:

Terms Of Use:

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Discord Community

OS Android 4.1 or later

CPU: 1.6GHz (quad-core) or more

RAM: 4.0GB or more

Attention beta testers!

This version is a beta test.

Please be aware that all in-game data may be wiped clean after the testing phase. All purchases made during the beta test will be meticulously recorded, ensuring that you receive the corresponding benefits upon the official launch version. For details please check out the community billboard. Your valuable feedback during this period will help shape and refine the final version. Thank you for being a part of our testing community!


No 1


Dawnlands is now available!

Warriors assemble! Download and enjoy the latest open-world survival and crafting game with your friends! We look forward to seeing you on this journey!
For more information, please join our Discord:

In Dawnlands, players battle to awaken an ancient land. Explore a gigantic world, gather materials, craft weapons, and build a world only you could dream up, but be wary of the threats in the dark! Become the savior of an unknown land, and revel in a stunning open-world!

A variety of biomes, relics, and puzzles dot the landscape... an ancient land lain dormant long centuries awaits you to awaken, new stories are waiting to be penned.

All that came before has vanished, but nature’s rich resources can be found all across the land. What matters is how you use them. Wait, be wary of the potential dangers in the dark. Find the darkness and defeat it before it can engulf the land. Start from the beginning, battle to survive!

★Build & Craft★
Use more than 100 different crafting materials to build your dream home. The styling of the floors, the topography of the land itself are yours to change. Battle to unlock recipes to craft weapons, clothes, and tools. Use your creativity to build and craft!

Dawnlands allows up to 4 players to share a single game-world. Explore the land alone or team up with friends. Visit your friend's land, have your friend come over to your land by friends system or world invitation code. Dawnlands can also recommend random worlds for you to join where you can meet new friends! Gather your friends, have fun together!

Fate has chosen you to be this world’s warrior. Your adventure in this stunning open-world game begins now!

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