2024 সালের সেরা 5 টি নতুন গেম 🏷️ Top 5 New Open World Games For Android 2024 [ HIGH GRAPHICS ]

2024 সালের সেরা 5 টি নতুন গেম 🏷️ Top 5 New Open World Games For Android 2024 [ HIGH GRAPHICS ]

No 5

Thief Simulator: Sneak & Steal

Sssh! Haven't you heard? A spin-off of Thief Simulator, a world-known PC hit is coming to mobile! Be quick, get sneaky and steal priceless treasures.
Deep-dive into out of the ordinary stealthy simulation experience from publisher of House Flipper.

Become a thief who is back in the game. Perfect your craft, acquire new equipment and skills. Use your cunning to outwit others and move around undetected. Overcome more and more sophisticated security, rob bigger and richer houses, trade the loot...and under no circumstances get caught!

A good thief knows his value. He also knows the value of what his neighbors are hiding in their drawers.
Make the journey from pickpocket to super villain! Spread fear, climb the career ladder and don't worry if you’re starting off by collecting only broken toasters. You can already see opulent villas on the horizon, for whenever you’re ready. And there, hidden away from prying eyes are the safes where your future lies, your pension or, if you do slip up, your next jail term. Remember: every lock, even the most sophisticated, is just an incentive to become a more skilled thief!

Mr Smith hates Mr Johnson very much and wishes him to fall over and smash up that stupid, 60-inch, full 4k, cost-as-much-as–a-middle-class-car TV of his. However, wishes don't have as much power as one would like ...and that’s where you come in.
Take on various assignments (no judging, but let’s admit it: your profession does not entitle you to judge). Be an angel of revenge (or just common jealousy): steal items on assignment and destroy designated objects. Take advantage of what drives people: love, hate, greed and lust. Don’t you forget about yourself in all this - after all, one or two extra golden watches won’t hurt. Just get out before the cops arrive.

Mum told you to share. Nothing for free, of course.
Explore the depths of Thief-Net,- sell the loot you've acquired and buy ever more effective equipment with the cash you've earned. Look for the best bargains, take risks (after all, that's where the fun begins!), trade information and get new equipment for your hideout.

Do you still remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? Did you dream of becoming a programmer? A jeweller? Or maybe a car mechanic? Have you always wanted to work from home? Now you can make those dreams come true!
Gain experience and unlock skills that will give you access to brand new locations and jobs. Perfect yourself in the areas of hacking, dismantling jewelry, opening locks, safes, car theft and much more.

Knowledge is power. No, we don't mean that game. We do not advertise our competitors with this slogan (wait, did we just do that…?!).
Observe householders to learn their habits. Find out when they stay in the flat, when they go out and for how long. When they sleep and when they watch TV. And whether they are in the habit of co-operating with you, for example, leaving the window open because it is so hot after all. Or...just buy information about the house in question online.

Yes, tricks, laptops and other toys are cool, but remember that the essentials are already within you. Use your wits: a good thief can even break in using a hair from your head (so what if you're bald, it doesn't have to be your hair) - make use of the clues you've picked up, learn the routine of the locals, prepare your equipment, plan your action from A to Z, and pray the police don't turn up. Can anything go wrong?

It is said that opportunity makes the thief. No, it's intelligence. And the ability to steal. And... ok, opportunity too.
Move undetected (and when you need to, quickly too). Use elements in the environment to hide. Take out the locals, the police, burglar alarms and tracking dogs and enjoy your loot and well-deserved fame. After all, a thief like you isn't born every day, right?S

No 4

Highway Car Driving Games 2024

Ultimate Car racing players entered the city racing games as a rookie car sale dealers, armed with a car driver showroom and a dream to become the ultimate car driving auto mogul. The objective was clear: buy low, sell high, and build a turbo car empire of fast vehicles.

The car saler extreme driving simulator games interface was a sleek street car simulator showroom where street driver could browse through a variety of extreme racing cars, from classic cruisers to futuristic speedsters. The key to success was to stay updated on car sale & buy market trends, negotiate shrewd deals, and upgrade the showroom to attract high-profile highway driving games and city racing customers.

Turbo car saler trade also introduced special events of extreme racing games challenges, such as exclusive sports car auctions, limited edition releases, and timed promotions. The virtual city became a dynamic car market place where players could strategise, form alliances, and even sabotage competitors to gain the upper hand.

Success in Turbo car Speed Trade wasn't just about profit margins; it was about building a racing games brand. Players could customize their extreme car showrooms, create eye-catching advertisements, and establish a reputation for reliability and speed. The more satisfied customers, the higher the car dealership's rating, attracting even more lucrative opportunities.

In the end, only the savviest and most strategic car driving games players would emerge as the true auto moguls of Turbo Speed Trade, leaving a legacy of speed, deals, and a car showroom filled with the most coveted racing cars in the digital realm. Gearville had found its new car driving master of the road, and they had achieved their virtual automotive dreams through skill, strategy, and a need for speed.

No 3

Russian Village Simulator 3D

Version 1.8.2
- Perfomance issue fixed

Version 1.8.1
- Summer again!

Version 1.8
- Winter
- New truck: ZIL
- Snowmobile
- Snowball gun

Version 1.7.1
- Bugs fixed
- Policeman voices
- Swings
- Motorcycle damage and repair in garage

Version 1.7
- Missions Chapter 3
- Motorcycle
- New town Yagodnoe

Version 1.6.3
- Post office is open. Deliver the parcel with Buhanka
- Work markers! Now it's much easier to navigate
- Optimization
- Map extended

No 2

Police Officer Simulator

Dive into the action-packed world of Police Officer Simulator – a realistic cop game where you pilot helicopters and cars, chase criminals, and make arrests. Experience 911 missions, FBI operations, and more. Are you ready for the ultimate law enforcement simulation? Duty calls!

!! Police Officer Simulator contains unlimited free levels !!
It is the latest and one of the best police officer simulators!

You can drive different cop vehicles, like cars, helicopters, planes, and boats. You also have a parachute if you meet some difficulties.
An environment with dynamic weather conditions, realistic day and night cycles, clear skies, tropical rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence, and true 3D volumetric clouds!

Drive and fly to explore the massive open-world environment and its unique locations, take off from 7 airports, and commute from international airports to small airports campaign.
There are also tons of points of interest to explore, like rivers and lakes, big cities, small towns, nuclear power plants, ports, Japanese temples, rural houses and farms, ruins, and more...
Drive fast cars on the open roads, from 2x2 lanes to very small offroad roads of mountains, with hill-climb and canyons. Explore the world not just by flying, but with real car driving simulator experiences as well!

Explore the map and find one of the mission markers to launch a mission. Simply walk into the marker to begin the mission like any familiar open-world style gameplay.
Use the helpful minimap to know where are the mission spots. Press it to expand the whole map. Fly across the open world and explore for hours in one of the best airplane flying simulation games!

Exciting missions to experience like:
- Chase and arrest bad drivers
- Deploy spike strip to stop gangsters
- Drive fast cars with no limit speed
- Arrest bank robbers
- Stop gangsters with police boats
- Parachute jump training
- Protect and escort the president
- Go to airplane accidents and car collisions to help victims
- Jump from your helicopter on fire, and use your paraglider to save your life
- Transport wreck: grab old cars with your electromagnet
- Transport passengers
- Escort the president with Airforce (F-18)
- Fly through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
- Land on an aircraft carrier
- Race with other cops
- Learn to take off and land on a runway, and full flight
- Fire rockets to remove all the objects and clear the road
- Catch gangsters with your military heli
- Thrill-seeker's new base jumping activities!

- Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms, snow
- Day and night cycle
- True 3D volumetric cloud system
- Pilot in fly turbulence
- Realistic plane flight physics
- Intuitive flying controls: buttons, joystick, or accelerometers
- Plane crashes and smokes effects.
- Dynamic lighting and sound effects to recreate the realistic experience
- High-quality world environments with high res satellite imagery
- Highly detailed realistic copter cockpit environment.
- Multiple on-board cameras to get every angle of the jet
- Huge selection of aircraft and airline
- Ultimate racing challenge game
- Hugely open-world driving simulator
- Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps
- Map Information (Distance, Altitude, etc.)
- Fully interactive cockpit environment and controls
- Vehicle crashes and smoke effects.
- Huge selection of aircraft and airline
- Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps

52 controllable vehicles:
- 15 helicopters, like Bell 206, Eurocopter EC135, Apache, Mil Mi-8, SuperCobra, Bell UH-1 Huey
- 18 aircrafts, like Cesna, Piper PA-46, Boeing 747, Airbus A380, F14, Hawk
- 10 boats, like Jetski, Yacht, Vedette, Offshore
- 9 cars, like SUVs, 4x4, sports and racing cars

No 1

NYC Taxi - Rush Driver

Experience the bustling streets of New York City like never before in the immersive world of the "New York Taxi Driver Simulator." Step into the shoes of a skilled taxi driver and navigate the city's intricate road network while providing top-notch transportation services to passengers.

Engage in the ultimate car driving simulation where every turn in the city tests your skills. Dive into a urban race with lifelike driving dynamics and detailed cars. Experience the city's heartbeat as you navigate its streets in full 3D.

Game Features :
Realistic character faces
Authentic modeling of Brooklyn, NYC
Intelligent AI traffic car system
Wide variety of traffic car vehicles
Engaging passenger interactions
Dynamic weather conditions
day-night cycle
Customization options
In-depth career mode
Dynamic events and missions
Realistic physics and controls
Leaderboards and achievements
Detailed statistics and progress tracking
Immersive sound design
Multiple camera views

Immerse yourself in the authentic depiction of open-world New York City, as the game racing features a meticulously crafted map based on the real-life city. Explore iconic locations such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, each with its own unique charm and road network, offering endless possibilities for exploration.

Choose from a diverse range of taxi rally vehicles, including classic yellow speed cabs, luxurious sedans, SUVs, trucks Motorsport, and more. Each vehicle offers a distinct driving experience and features that cater to different passenger preferences.

Embark on various passenger missions that test your driving car dirt skills and adaptability. Whether it's transporting passengers to specific destinations, chasing down fleeing criminals, or rushing critical medical cases to the hospital, every racing mission brings excitement and rewards. Successfully completing missions unlocks additional game content and rewards.

Adhere to New York open world City's traffic rules, obey traffic lights, yield to pedestrians, and navigate through the bustling city highway streets with finesse. Mastering driving techniques and demonstrating excellent road etiquette is crucial to achieving high scores and completing missions efficiently.

Manage your finances wisely by earning money through each successful ride. Invest your hard-earned cash in vehicle maintenance and upgrades, enhancing engine performance, acquiring better wheels, and reinforcing the vehicle's structure. By continuously investing in your taxi, you can offer superior service, attract more passengers, and ultimately grow your business.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as a New York taxi driver? Strap in, start your engine, and conquer the streets of the Big Apple urban driving in "New York Taxi Driver Simulator." Get ready for an unparalleled virtual rally driving experience filled with realism, challenges, and the excitement of serving as the ultimate transportation provider in the city that never sleeps.

Furthermore, the arcade game provides a beautifully designed NYC Brooklyn city highway map that immerses you in this captivating urban environment. You will experience various authentic NYC simulator locations, from bustling commercial areas to busy neighborhoods, feeling thrilling the pulse of the city.

Challenge your driving skills, and unlock special rewards in the game by completing missions and achievements. Compete with friends to see who becomes the true street hero!

Are you ready to become a top-notch taxi driver in NYC's Brooklyn? Put on your driver's uniform and embark on this thrilling journey!
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